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How to: Add NTU printers to your Windows PC

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Tired of having to boot up the sloggish PCs in the NTU library just to print a document? Learn how to add one of the network NTU printers to your PC and print directly from your own laptop!

Adding NTU printers for Windows

For Apple Computers please click here.

1 Go to Run

There are a number of ways to do this.

For all versions of Windows: Windows key + R

Windows key + R to launch Run
Windows Vista and above: Start > In the search box type “Run” > Select Run

How to launch Run - Vista and above
Windows XP and below: Start > Run

Launch Run Windows XP and below

2. Type in the corresponding printer location

NTU Printer Address
Lee Wee Nam Library: \\cssvr
NTU Hall Printers (Halls 1 – 16): \\hostel-server
Learning POD: \\cssvr
Student’s Activity Center: \\ccpserver
Business Library: \\igemsprintsvr
HSS Library: \\igemsprintsvr
Chinese Library: \\igemsprintsvr
ADM Library: \\igemsprintsvr
CMIL: \\igemsprintsvr88

3. You’ll be (possibly) asked to log in to the NTU network

Sign in using your NTU credentials: eg: student\tan001 & NTU password

 4. Add the printer of your choice

Lee Wee Nam Library: LWN_01, LWN_02, LWN_03, Lwn_colour
NTU Hall Printers (Halls 1 – 16): monoa4
Learning POD: sslp-prt
Student’s Activity Center: sac-prt
Business Library: Lib2_01, Lib2_02, Lib02_Printer_Colour
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Library: HSSL_01, HSSL_02
Chinese Library: libchn_01, libchn_02
Art, Design & Media (ADM) Library: ADM_01, ADM_Printer_Colour
Communication and Information (CMI) Library : CMIL1

You don’t have to add all the printers! Just add one black and white printer and a colour printer and you’ll be good to go. 🙂

 5. Set your printer default settings

Head over to: Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, right click on the printer and select Printing Preferences.

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Psst! Your friends will like this too!
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6 thoughts on “How to: Add NTU printers to your Windows PC

  1. Im using windows 8 and i tried running \\hostel-server but it just says network error and the network path cant be found. I also tried running \\cssvr and it did prompt me to key in my credentials but it will just keep telling me my username and password is wrong. HELP

    1. Hi sssilverspeckle,

      Are you using NTUSecure or NTUWL? If you’re using NTUWL, can you try connecting to NTUSecure instead with the following settings?

      Sometimes the default certificate settings in Windows doesn’t work well with NTU’s settings. Plus using NTUSecure saves you the trouble of having to login each time you connect to the NTU network. 🙂 Once you’ve connected to NTUSecure successfully, try the above steps again. This time it should work and allow you to print without even prompting you for your username or password.

      *Edit* Also did you type in your username in the form student\yourname001?

      Please let me know if it does/doesn’t work.

      – Zueet

        1. Hi sssilverspeckle!

          By right it shouldn’t but I’ve never connected to the school network through a LAN cable. If you’re still having issues perhaps you might wish to bring your laptop down to the IT services counter at LWN library. They should be able to help you set it up in no time. 🙂

          – Zueet

    1. Hi Ken,

      Unfortunately I do not own a PC that runs on Windows 8 myself but I do have a friend that managed to do this with his PC running Windows 8 though. Which step are you stuck at?

      – Zueet

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