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NTU Feshman Guide - iNTU

NTU Freshman Survival Guide

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Starting school in NTU soon? Here are a few things you should take note of!

1. Basic University Mambo Jumbo

Academic Units (AUs):

Academic Units (or Modular Credits in NUS/credits in SMU) is the measurement of the amount of workload required for that module. Normally a 3AU module usually means that the module has three hours worth of lessons/tutorials in total though there are definitely many exceptions to the rule like lab(3 hours a week but 1AU).


When your module results are released at the end of the semester, each module will be assigned a grade. This ranges from A+ to F and each grade has a certain weight assigned to it as shown below:

A+/A: 5.00
A-: 4.50
B+: 4.00
B: 3.50
B-: 3.00
C+: 2.50
C: 2.00
D+: 1.50
D: 1.00
F: 0

If you S/U a certain module:

S : Satisfactory
U: Unsatisfactory – Which means you have not “passed”.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA):

To calculate your cumulative grade point average you’ll need to use the following formula:
GPA = (Summation of all [AUs x Grade Weights])/(Summation of all AUs of courses taken so far)

Note: Modules that have been S/U-ed will not be included in the computation of your CGPA. Your CGPA can also be found in your Degree Audit.

Honours Class:

Once you’ve calculated your CGPA (or found it from the Degree Audit) you can then determine your current class of honours. The requirements for NTU students are listed below:

4.50-5.00: First Class
4.00-4.49: Second Class (Upper)
3.50-3.99: Second Class (Lower)
3.00-3.49: Third Class
2.00-2.99: Pass only
>2.00        : FAIL

2. iNTU portal

iNTU Student Portal

The iNTU portal is one of the most important links that you’ll need to remember. Primarily because it links to all the important functions that you will be using constantly throughout your life at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Although there is plenty to play around with, I will highlight the 5 most important functions as indicated by the red arrows in the image (click to enlarge) above.

1. STARS Planner


STARS (Student Automated Registration System) is NTU’s system designed to help you register for your modules. It helps you map out your timetable as shown in the image above. As a freshman, it is highly likely that your timetable will be empty. To fill it up, go to your STARS Planner and on the bottom right hand side click on “Check Course Registered” and a window should pop up. Select the relevant semester and a list of registered modules should show up.

In your main STARS Planner window, now select “Back to Main” and key in all your course codes (eg. FE1007) and click “Plan”. Then just simply match the index numbers of each module registered to you and your timetable will be shown. For a more in depth guide on NTU’s STARS PLANNER, please see the guide located here.

Note: When registering for your modules, it pays to know your course well. Some courses like NTU’s Mechanical Engineering programmers allow students to be streamed to either the Mechatronics or Design stream. Doing so changes your your academic requirements. In this case, a mechanical engineering student who chooses to be streamed to either one of the above programmers will be required to do 2 mandatory STS prescribed courses. He will loose his ability to do a General – prescribed course. Look into your course curriculum just to make sure.

Note 2: If you plan on taking a minor, please note that all the modules that you are required to take for your minor must be registered under your unrestricted electives. You will need to complete 15 AUs to complete your minor requirements so take note of this when registering for your electives.


This is the main system that registers your modules for you. After selecting all your modules and placing them in your STARS Planner, you can push them into STARS for registration. Here you can also drop courses, change the index number of currently registered courses and also change the “module type” (i.e. from General Prescribed to an Unrestricted Elective and vice versa). Pretty self explanatory.

Please note: Although your modules have been registered for you (and most likely will be next semester as well). Take note that the initial registration of courses (not the ADD/DROP Period) is based on a first come first served basis. This means that you will be competing with others in real time. So be be early and start spamming the “Add Courses to STARS” button a few seconds before your registration time.

3. Degree Audit

This page is pretty self-explanatory. It lists your AU requirements, GPA etc.

4. NTU Student Link

This contains links to more functions that are not so commonly used. Here you can apply for bursaries, choose your stream etc.

5. NTU Blackboard

This is also another VERY important link. You can visit the Blackboard by directly going to This is where your tutors will upload all your course materials, recorded lectures, tests and even put their announcements. Be sure to check this site regularly.

Setting up notifications in Blackboard:
To set up Blackboard’s notification system (so that you can get e-mail alerts etc.). Log in to with your NTU username and password and click on “Notifications Dashboard” as Shown in the image below:

Blackboard Notifications

Then select “Edit Notification Settings”. Your page might differ from the one shown below but you should see it somewhere in the page.

Blackboard Notifications 2

Once done you’ll be brought to another page. Look for the header “Bulk Edit Notification Settings” and select “Courses I am taking” and you’ll be brought to the page shown below:

Blackboard Notifications

Simply select the services you want enabled and you’re done!

*Note*:  There is also a Blackboard App all almost all smartphone operating systems that comes in quite handy when you need to check announcements or download notes on the go. Search your devices app store for “Blackboard”.

3. NTU Email

This is the primary method by which most of your NTU related communications will be done. Although most professors will just post their announcement on the Edventure, some may choose to communicate via email to inform you of last minute class cancellations (you won’t believe how often this has happened to me) or upcoming test information. You may also risk loosing out on important announcements by the school such as subject registration information.

You can easily excess your email any time by going to Office 365 but it’s always more convenient to use a client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird or to even have your email synced to your phone. To do this, you’ll need NTU’s Email settings as listed below:

POP setting
Server name:
Port: 995
Encryption method: SSL

IMAP setting
Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

SMTP setting
Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method:STARTTLS

Note: Your username is your full email address eg. They are required for both your POP/IMAP and SMTP settings. If you would like your mail to be synchronized across all your devices, opt for IMAP instead of POP.

4. NTU Campus Map

NTU Maps

NTU’s campus map website is another very important website as it will avoid making you look like a freshman completely. Instead of walking around with the huge map that comes with your welcome pack, you can now use the on line version on your smartphone. You know the best part? Just like Google’s Map website, you can type phrases like “LT 1A to Tutorial Room xxx” to get directions!

5. Food

There are a total of 11 canteens and 3 cafes in NTU. The two most important being Canteen A (North Spine near LT 1A) and Canteen B (South Spine near LKC LT). These are the two nearest canteens tot he Academic Buildings. Canteen A has a large number of fast food outlets on its ground floor and a huge food court on the second floor. However it is important to note that due to the large student population, it may seem impossible to get seats during lunch time (12pm to 1pm) for both canteens. Especially if you plan to eat with a group of friends. I would be wiser to either postpone your lunch break till after 1pm or head down to one of the cafes (The Palette is just opposite Canteen A) or hall canteens.

6. NTU Smoking points

NTU is actually a smoke free campus but there are a few more common smoking points that have become somewhat accepted as official smoking points. Please note that you can get caught for smoking and and you may be fined (about $50?) or face disciplinary action (unheard of). So keep a look out for the campus security guards(especially if they’re female).

South Spine

Here the main smoking point is the one behind the canteen near the loading and unloading bay. The easiest way there is through the canteen itself. Head towards the drink stall then head towards the toilets nearby. Next to the toilets you should see and opening to the loading and unloading bay.

North Spine

Here the main smoking point is also at the loading and unloading bay which is somewhat hidden. From canteen A, head towards the 7-11 store. Then turn left and walk to the end of that corridor. At the end of the corridor, turn left again and walk towards the lifts/air-conditioning units (you’ll see either one depending on how far down you walk) and head towards it.

Note: It is also common to see people smoking in the open aired areas at the NorthSpine. Especially the one closest to the library/canteen.


Can be quite difficult to smoke within the hall compounds as there is always someone there to stop you (NTU Staff. You won’t be fined but they will tell you to stop smoking) during the day. Your best bet is to travel to one of the near by bus stops and smoke somewhere there during the day.

7. NTU Bus Routes

There are many buses that operate both within and to NTU. More information on their routes can be found here. It is advisable to alight at Boon Lay instead of Pioneer to take the 179 to school especially so during peak periods. Although the service has an excellent frequency, it is normally always packed when it leaves Boon Lay Interchange.

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Psst! Your friends will like this too!
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66 thoughts on “NTU Freshman Survival Guide

  1. Hi Zueet,

    Yesterday, I lost the star wars and did not get into a subject index/class that I wanted for a core. I would be attempting to change the subject index number via stars during the add/drop period. However, looking at the current vacancies now, it states zero vacancy for all the subject indexes. May I know what are the odds that I can successfully change to the subject index that I want during add/drop?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kyle!

      Have you tried calling your school’s module registration department? They can usually open up slots for you on the spot or help you register for that index number if you fill up the manual form. If you’re from MAE, I’ve posted the link to the form on my other post on surviving NTU’s Star Wars. 🙂

      If you wish to manually try your luck, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Usually (for my courses anyways) it quite easy to switch index numbers for CORE modules. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      – Zueet

      1. Hi Zueet,

        I just had my Star Wars and I didn’t get the index I wanted for my core modules. Called up my school’s office and they were reluctant in helping me appeal or apply for waiting list. Is it possible for the prof themselves to open up a slot for me? I have already emailed that particular prof and they were my tutor the previous semester. Just wanted to check! Although my hopes aren’t up for this one ): Thanks!

        – Jac

        1. Hi Jac!

          I’m guessing that you’re not an engineering student and probably from ADM or WKW. I’ve personally never heard of professors adding additional slots for their classes but they can email an appeal for you on your behalf which may give you a slight priority while you’re on waitlist. 🙁

          Let me know if your appeal with your prof works out. It might come in useful to someone else in your situation next time. 🙂

          Hope you managed to get your modules.

          – Zueet

  2. Hi there! Just curious will those who s/u the elec still be considered in the bell curve? For e.g. if someone who s/u got an A originally will that A affect the bell curve or will the S or U be the one being considered? Thanks!

    1. Hi gLee!

      This is how the S/U system works. Everyone is graded as per normal and their grades are keyed into the system. If you’ve opted to S/U, then the system will award you an S if you achieve a grade C (I think now they’ve changed it to D) or higher. Otherwise a U is awarded. So yes, people who S/U still affect the bell curve. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      – Zueet

  3. Hi Zueet, I am Alex, and i was hoping you could help me answer some questions?

    I am a freshman undergraduate student and i just sat for a IN 9000 paper ytd…
    It was absolutely horribly hard and i heard many people say they want to S/U it. Will the people S/Uing it affect the bell curve? ie, for instance, if a person who got A thinks that he did very badly and so decided to S/U it, will his score still pull up the bell curve?

    Also, how many AUs can we S/U? And when should we S/U a course?

  4. Hi zueet!
    I have a question if you don’t mind.

    I am a first year undergraduate, who is studying new media this year. The exam was super crappy, and many people were thinking of S/Uing it. I was wondering, do S/U students still affect the bell curve? For example, if a student got A bit for some reason S/Ued the course, will his/her grades pull up the bell curve?

    Also, when do you suggest we S/U a course and how many AUs can we S/U?

    1. Hi Alex!

      Questions are always welcome. 🙂

      This is how the S/U system works. Everyone is graded as per normal and their grades are keyed into the system. If you’ve opted to S/U, then the system will award you an S if you achieve a grade C (I think now they’ve changed it to D) or higher. Otherwise a U is awarded. So yes, people who S/U still affect the bell curve. 🙂

      I think everyone is allowed to S/U up to 12 AUs of electives (though occasionally you can S/U CORE modules) but you may which to double check this information in your degree audit to be sure. As for when to S/U, it really depends on how confident you are in scoring and what grade you need/wish to get. It’s something that I really can’t help you with unfortunately. 🙁 You might find this little tool handy though ( there is a confidence checker to help you decide if you should S/U a module. 🙂

      All the best for your studies Alex!

      – Zueet

  5. Hi! I recently mc-ed a paper as I wasn’t feeling too confident and I had 2 papers on the same day as well. As a year 2 student, how should I go about retaking the mod in the future years? what happens if the mod which I have to retake clashes with another core mod in terms of timetable scheduling? am I unable to add that into stars?

    1. Hi Cherie!

      You can take them at anytime you like by registering them through STARS as long as the subject is offered in the semester you’re registering it for. You may wish to note that often, many lower year courses are prerequisites for higher level courses. So try to clear them earlier on if they are. 🙂

      If you’re unable to add the course due to clashing, you can appeal through your school. If your reason is valid enough, they’ll help you to register the other course. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      – Zueet

  6. Hi! I got an index for a mod that clashes with the electives I want to take. The index that I want doesn’t seem like it will vacant itself any time soon. However, if I do not take an elective, I am underloaded for this sem. Any advice on what I should do?

    1. Hi Ong!

      To help aid my reply, I shall assume that the other module is a CORE module. There are three options for you.

      1. You wait out until the other index for your CORE module is available; Swap the index and then apply for your elective.

      2. You write to both professors and and obtain permission to register for both courses and then get the school to register the module on your behalf. I’ve tried this once.

      3. Register for the elective under another index that doesn’t clash (if available) and after you get it, just see the tutor in charge and ask to sit in on the other class instead.

      Option 2 seems like the best at this point but if your professors or the admin people of your school are “guai lan”, they’re likely to just tell you to apply for another elective.

      Hope this helps!

      – Zueet

      1. Hi Zueet!

        Thank you for your prompt reply!

        Yup! It is my core mod. 🙂

        For option 2, so I have to email the course coordinate of both modules (my core mod and the elective I am planning to take), stating my interest?

        When is the latest I can do this option? Should I just camp and wait for the available index I want or just email them immediately?

        Thank you so much for you help!

        1. Hi again Ong!

          To be honest, I’m really not sure. I only tried this once and found out about it by accident; unless you’re from MAE (if you’re from EEE, don’t even bother asking their staff are damn guai lan), I cannot assure you that sure an option is a possibility. You really should call up your school first and ask if this is an option to students in your school and if it is, what the procedure is like.

          Sorry I can’t advice you further. 🙁

          – Zueet

  7. Hi Zueet! I’m a Mech Engine freshman and having gotten my timetable for Sem 1, I have two questions which I hope to seek your kind opinion on! (seeing as how you are/were from the same school)

    Presently, I have 16 AUs registered. Is it advisable to take on another 2 AUs in this Semester in order to “spread and lessen the load” over the next few years? I mean between taking 16 AUs and having a good gauge of where I stand, how to cope with work (especially after 2 years of conscription) and registering for an additional 2 AUs just to maintain the average AUs needed for each Semester (and hope that I can get decent grades), what is your general take on this? (Personally after knowing where I stand and my ability to cope with the workload, I wouldn’t mind taking on additional AUs during the next few Sems.)

    Which leads me to my second question. Given a chance, I wish to take up the Accelerated Bachelor’s Programme and will the 16 AUs in Sem 1 affect my chances of getting in? From what I understand, the ABP requirements are the completion of a minimum of 138 AUs in 3.5 years and the need to maintain a GPA above 4.0.

    I understand that everyone learns at a different pace and good time management matters a lot in University, so you probably won’t be able to give a definitive answer on whether extra AUs should be taken but I just hope to have a second opinion on this. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi MAE!

      Presently, I have 16 AUs registered. Is it advisable to take on another 2 AUs in this Semester in order to “spread and lessen the load” over the next few years?

      I would recommend doing so especially if you’re keen on graduating in 3.5 years plus it’ll really help to ease your work load for your future semesters. However, if you’re keen on taking an additional elective, don’t take any of the 2 AU ones. Most electives are worth 3AUs and unless you’re planning to take a 4AU (if you can find one worth taking) elective in the future, you’ll end up with 1AU worth of UEs to clear which means that you’ll likely have to take a 3AU elective to make up for it = More modules.

      I didn’t follow the 3.5 year plan but this is how many AUs I cleared each semester:
      Year 1: 18 (took an additional elective) / 17
      Year 2: 21 / 22
      Year 3: 21 (including IO and EID) / 15
      Year 4: 12 + FYP / 3 + FYP

      I can honestly tell you that taking 21 AUs is tiring and if you’re planning to take the ABP, that’s the minimum number you’ll be taking every semester if not more. 🙁

      Which leads me to my second question. Given a chance, I wish to take up the Accelerated Bachelor’s Programme and will the 16 AUs in Sem 1 affect my chances of getting in? From what I understand, the ABP requirements are the completion of a minimum of 138 AUs in 3.5 years and the need to maintain a GPA above 4.0.

      It has no effect but even if you’re not part of ABP, you can still graduate in 3.5 years. Plus being part of the ABP does not get you anything additional (certs etc.) either so you shouldn’t worry too much about this for now. 🙂

      All the best! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. 🙂 Remember to come down for the freshman welcome day and study hard!

      – Zueet

  8. Hi Zueet!! I am a freshie and have some doubts hoping you can clear them 🙂

    Let’s say I have one core mod e.g. AB1111 which I would like to change the index number. However, the index number I am intending to change to happens to clash with another class (e.g. mod AB1112). As such, I have the intention to change the index no. for AB1112 as well.

    So my question is will the system allow me to change the index number for AB1111 first (although the timings will clash) and then subsequently I proceed to change the index no. for AB1112? If not, what would be your recommendation to go about changing index no. for both mods?

    Hope my question is clear! :/

    Thanks in advance!! 🙂

    1. Hi Ning!

      Welcome to NTU! 🙂

      You can’t register for modules if they clash with another. The system will never allow it 🙁 UNLESS you’re adding electives to your waitlist.

      What you have to do is to change your index number for AB1112 first and then change your index number for AB1111. Changes in index numbers for CORE modules (if I’m not wrong) are instant so as long as both AB1112 and AB1111 have vacancies for the index number you want, you should be able to get it (assuming no one else is faster in trying to register that vacancy away from you).

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      – Zueet

  9. HIIi thanks so much for your guide. 🙂
    I’m a freshie starting school soon but i dont really have a senior that i can take advice on.
    I used to take advance modules in poly and I am really excited by the 100+ over electives that NTU has to offer!!!! :DDDD

    1) I am currently having 21 AU from my core modules, any advice on how many electives/ AU i can take this sem so that i dont kill myself?

    2) the free electives from STARS, does it count towards the GPA?

    3) Also I am interested to take a english based foreign language (no experience), which ones are easier to pick up?


    1. Hi Jael!

      1) I am currently having 21 AU from my core modules, any advice on how many electives/ AU i can take this sem so that i dont kill myself?

      21 AUs of CORE modules is really…a lot. Especially since it’s your first semester. If you’re from an arts course, then you should consider that most of your modules will have project work, reports etc. which can honestly be very time consuming. If you’re from engineering, I honestly wouldn’t recommend going above 21 AUs.

      However, since you’re from poly, it’s likely that you have gained direct admission into year 2. If this is the case, take a look at your course’s syllabus. Take note of the number of AUs in total that you’re required to clear after exemptions and divide it by the number of semesters you plan to graduate within. You’ll want less modules during your final year when you’re taking fyp so play around with that until you hit something you’re comfortable with. 🙂

      2) the free electives from STARS, does it count towards the GPA?

      What do you mean by free electives? Do you mean UEs (Unrestricted Electives)? If yes, then yes they do! All modules count towards your GPA unless 1. You use your Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (SU) option on them or 2. They are Pass/Fail modules like some of the Coursea-NTU online modules (These are good to take if you want to clear electives and not worry about your GPA!). 🙂

      3) Also I am interested to take a english based foreign language (no experience), which ones are easier to pick up?

      You mean languages that use alphabets like the English language? If this is the case, then you might wish to consider taking up Malay. However, because it’s relatively easier to learn and there are quite a number of Indonesian/Malaysian Chinese who know Malay and still take it, it might be more difficult to score.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      – Zueet

      1. Thanks Zueet,

        I didnt expect your prompt reply but I’m glad you did 😀
        Yep i am in direct year 2 engineering minor biz (maybe that explain the amount of AUs i have)

        It’s kinda saddening to know that is risky to add anymore electives this sem but i guess this is for the best! 🙂

        Thanks so much!!
        Really thankful for your guide & advice

        1. Hi Jael!

          I forgot to add something. Have you checked for exemptions? I’ve had a few friends who joined in year 2 who received their modules exemptions a few weeks after school started (in the end some only ended up taking 2/3 modules that semester). I recommend checking to see what modules you might be exempted from. If you feel there there might be a few modules you’re taking this semester that you might be exemption from, then perhaps it would be safer to add a few electives.

          Safest thing to do is to check with the school just to be safe. 🙂 While I still wouldn’t recommend taking more then 21 AUs, if you’re still keen on doing so, I think you still have to approach the school to get permission to “overload”. There’s a limit on the number of AUs you can register per semester.

          Hope this helps! 🙂

          – Zueet

  10. Hiiii!

    Are year 1 freshies allowed to change their index number for each module in semester 1?
    Do you recommend taking UEs in sem 1 too?
    Thanks! ^^

    1. Hi ao!

      Of cos you guys can! 🙂 Just wait for the first week of school when the add/drop period starts. Then use the change index no option in your stars planner and you’ll be all set! 😀

      As for UEs, I took an additional one during my first semester and you can too if you’re keen on something. Take more modules now and you’ll have less to clear in the following semesters. 🙂

      Hope this helps ao!

      – Zueet

    1. Hi Clarisse!

      Unfortunately this is not something that I can decide for you as it really depends on how you personally feel you fared for the paper. 🙁

      Perhaps our NTU GPA Goals Calculator with a handy SU tool below can help you decide. 🙂

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      – Zueet

  11. Hi! Im a year one student and I have alr used my su option for sem 1 and I failed the module(principles of econs),meaning that my Aus were not counted…I intend to su another elective this semester…isit wise to do so?will I be wasting the su? Oh and just to ask if I can replace the first su that I used to su the current exam for this sem’s elective since the au were not previously counted? Or will it be counted as having used 2 su since I used one in first sem and will be using another this sem..I intend to su human resourcè (ma8103)

    1. Hi Denise!

      In the past, you could “re-use” an SU if you MC that paper. However, since you can now SU papers after your exams, I don’t think this is applicable anymore. Other than this, you cannot “re-use” and SU. 🙁

      Whether you should SU or not is largely dependent on your current GPA. If you feel that the grade you will get will not cause your GPA to drop, then yes, you should SU. If you feel it will put your GPA up or at least meet your current average then it’s worth taking a risk for a better GPA.

      You might wish to check out our NTU GPA Goals Calculator which has a handy tool which lets you know if you should or shouldn’t S/U your elective. 🙂

      If you like,

      I hope this helps Denise! If it’s still confusing, please let me know and I’ll try to reply in greater detail. 🙂

      – Zueet

  12. hi, my friend have failed his exam and he need to take a retest. how would his mark be calculated? would it be cap at 50% or any marks that he get, will be divided into 1/2?

    1. Hi jonsyo,

      You’re right. They will take the average grade points of both attempts and award you with the average.

      Best of luck with your studies in NTU jonsyo! 🙂

      – Zueet

  13. i’ve just recently fail a module. so i was wondering how is the computation of GPA for the next semester if i get an A.

    Or perhaps, the credit for that particular module have been deemed as zero since i’ve fail.

    1. Hi Able!

      I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁 I believe that the grade that you obtain will be an average of the two grades that you have gotten. For example, if you have gotten an A/A+, you’ll obtain (5.00 + 0.00)/2 = 2.50 which is a C+.

      Hope this helps Able! All the best for your studies!

      – Zueet

  14. Hi! This post is indeed useful for a freshman like me!

    But I have a question regarding course registration.

    Like my school already pre-registered for me the core modules (which is of other schools), but I find that the class timing is not very satisfying compared to other index, may I know that on my date of registration (it is not open yet), am I able to submit my planned timetable from star planner directly into star?

    Or do I have to register for all my course individually and change the index individually from star?

    1. Hi Freshie!

      Sorry for the late reply but I just came back to Singapore a few hours back. And yes you can change the timing of your classes but they have to be done though STARS and not STARS Plannner.

      During your course registration period, enter STARS and choose “Change Index Number of Course” as shown below:

      Chnage Course Index Number - NTU STARS

      Then just type in your old index number followed by the one you want as shown below:

      Change Index Number - NTU STARS

      Make sure that the index you want has slots available though! The system will not allow you to join a class that is already full. 🙂

      Hope this helps Freshie!

      – Zueet

  15. Hi! I am a freshie and was wondering if I should S/U my elective. I spent a lot of time on the report which consist of 30% and scored full for 10% participation. But i did not do quite well for my finals and was wondering if it is wise to S/U during the first sem. I am hoping to get a B but it might be risky and there is a possibility of C if the bell curve is steep. The cohort is very big and in such a big dilemma.

    1. Hi Brian!

      First off, welcome to NTU! I hope that you’ll enjoy your next 3/4 years here. 🙂

      As for SUing electives, it really varies according to the module that you’re taking. For some, you can do pretty badly and still get away with a B+ pretty easily while for some a small mistake can be very very costly.

      Perhaps if you let me know what module you’re referring to, I can ask my friends/seniors for advice if they have taken it or pass you my own if I have taken it myself. 🙂

      – Zueet

      1. Hi! Thanks for the prompt reply! It’s BU8601 Fundamentals of Management. I sort of calculated my marks i guess most probably I will only score 50-60/100 if I am lucky. Most likely will not go below 50 but hard to say. As for the report, my prof marks quite leniently and I am hoping a B and above. Anyway, the prof did give obvious hints just that I feel i did not perform as well as I hope to be. Thank you again!

        1. Hi again Brian!

          My friends recommend not SUing the module as it is very very likely that you will get a B and above. 🙂

          All the best Brian! 🙂

          – Zueet

          1. Hi Zueet! Thank you for your advice! Thank you to your friends who bother to answer my questions! May I know what year are you in? Haha!

          2. Hey Zueet! Thanks for all the advice! I didnt SU in the end and gotten a B+. Really glad to make that decision! No other ways to express my gratitude other than saying a THANK YOU here! Have a great hols and hope you get your desired results!

          3. Hi again Brian!

            I’m glad that my advice worked out for you. (: I didn’t as well as I wanted to this semester but I guess in life, you win some and you loose some. (:

            – Zueet

  16. Hi ! My question is about the requirements to get honours degree in ntu. If I fail a module , do I lose the chance to get the honours degree?

    1. Hi Mai!

      Unless you’re talking about your final year project or some other modules with a very very heavy weight-age, I highly doubt that you will lose the chance of getting an honors degree. However, it does mean that you’ll have to work twice as hard the following semester to recover the “lost credits”.

      Anyways, if you’re in year 1 now, don’t be so negative! I know exams are around the corner and that the past year papers and tutorials can be daunting but the professors really are not mean when they mark! Just don’t leave a question blank write something related to that module and YOU WILL get marks for it. As long as you don’t leave any question blank and write everything related you can think off, it is almost impossible to fail. 🙂

      All the best Mai!

      – Zueet

      1. Thanks a lot ! However, if the module I fail is only pass – fail course and wouldn’t be counted to CGPA, does it effect to my honours degree?

        1. Hi again Mai!

          If you fail a pass/fail course, then it definitely won’t affect your GPA or chance to get an honors degree though it will look “ugly” in your academic transcript.

          Hope that answers your question! Please let me know if you have any other concerns that I can assist you with. 🙂

          – Zueet

          1. Hi,
            I am an exchange student and have exams coming up soon. I am nervous for exams although my university is counting them as pass/fail so I only need to get a D to get a pass. I know you say most students pass if they write something and I heard a pass is around a 40 percent, but it seems as though everyone here studies so much! What are the failing rates here and do most exchanges pass?

          2. Hi Jane!

            First off, welcome to Singapore! Yes, most students do pass. Many study hard (sadly only) because of the emphasis that our society places on first grades. In all honesty, it most cases, the best jobs (especially in the govt. sector) do not go to the people with the best people but to those with the best “paper”.

            Don’t worry though! As long as you don’t leave any blanks and write something remotely related and reasonable, there’s almost no chance that you can fail. The profs here mostly try their best to pass everyone. 🙂

            All the best Jane! Hope you come back for a visit in the future!

            – Zueet

  17. Hello! My question is about exchange students. If i get D…. Is that a pass? I mean..then is almost impossible to get an F and fail! Or they usually fail students?


    1. Hi manux!

      Yes, a D is a pass. It’s usually quite hard for a student to fail unless they leave majority of the paper blank. As long as you write something (decent) for each question, the professors will usually try their best to pass you. (:

      Hope this answers your question manux!

      – Zueet

  18. Hi zueet thanks for your reply!! It was really helpful 🙂 btw I’ve got another qn to ask, hope you don’t mind. What is the recommended number of modules to take in a semester? Also, for mech engine, is there like university requirements (for eg, certain modules to take from certain faculties)? Thank you for your help! I’m so lost. :/

    1. Hi Freshmen!

      Sorry for the late reply but the recommended number of modules to take really depends on the course that you are in. You can roughly take the total number of modules you have to clear and divide it by the number of semesters that you wish to graduate in to get a rough estimate.

      For engineers under the new syllabus, I recommend taking no less then 18AUs a semester unless you have plans to take summer school to clear your elective requirements ($500 per module!).

      I don’t really understand your second question. Are you referring to electives? If so, there are normally no restrictions except that you’ll probably not be able to take most electives under your own school. 🙂

      Hope this helps Freshman!

      All the best for your first semester!

      – Zueet

  19. Hi zueet! I’m an incoming freshman and I was just wondering if I am unable to attend a tutorial class on a particular day for that week, am I able to attend another tutorial slot for that week? Thanks!:)

    1. Hi Feshman!

      First off, welcome to NTU! 🙂

      Normally there should be no issues if you sit in for another tutorial class but please check if there are any class participation marks for your tutorial group first! If is is a class participation component, let your professor know that you intend to take another class! It is likely in this case that he will insist that you sit in for one of his other tutorial classes so that you can still be graded. Otherwise if there isn’t a class participation component, feel free to jump to different tutorial classes. 🙂

      Oh! But if you have a quiz that week, please return to your original class unless your professor knows about it! 🙂

      Enjoy your uni life Freshman! 🙂

      – Zueet

  20. Hi! Just wanna ask if we can change our timetable? How do we check our tutors/lecturers? And do you have any tutors/lecturers to recommend for Accountancy in NTU? 😀 Thanks lots! :)))

    1. Hi Felicia!

      You definitely can though you have to wait till the add/drop period starts (first two weeks of school). For cores, you just have to enter STARS (in your studentlink) and select the option to change/swap your index number and type in the old one and the new one you want. If slots are available, you should be registered for the new index instantly! Hooray! 🙂

      For electives however, you’ll be put on a waitlist and you’ll have to wait till 10pm that night to see if any of the free slots have been allocated to you. If you fail to get a slot, you “application” will automatically be rolled over to the next day. The process repeats until you get a slot or until the add/drop period ends. 🙁

      As for checking of your tutors, there isn’t a proper way to do so at the moment. One method is to check your blackboard . If your class has a specific tutorial site, you should be able to see the name of your tutor below. Otherwise you just have to wait till the first week of school and scout the individual tutorial groups before making a change. 🙁

      Oh and I can’t recommend any tutors for accountancy as I’m not an accountancy student. 🙁 Have you been to any of the school camps? You’ll be able to get great suggestions from your seniors there! 🙂

      All the best with your university journey Felicia! 🙂 Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try my best to assist you.

      – Zueet

  21. Hello,
    I am an exchange student from Australia and I did my last semester at NTU. i did five courses and my grades are as follows. 2C, 2D, 1D+. Does it mean i fail any courses? which grade would be the fail grade that i will b required to redo the course? I know i missed a few assignments n mid exams and did just ok in the final exams. Cheers.

    1. Hi there! (:

      Don’t worry about it! You won’t have to repeat any of your modules as you’ve passed all of them. Only an F (or U if you S/Ued) means that you have failed a course.

      Best of luck with your future back in Australia! Hope you enjoyed Singapore. (:

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