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Best sites to buy Secondhand Textbooks in Singapore

Textbooks can be the second most expensive part of going to university next to the tuition fees. If you are a student, you might be shocked to learn that some new textbooks can cost you above SGD$100! Instead of buying brand new textbooks, consider buying secondhand ones that cost a fraction of the price. Here are some of my recommended sites that that sell secondhand textbooks in Singapore.


NTU Feshman Guide - iNTU

NTU Freshman Survival Guide

Starting school in NTU soon? Here are a few things you should take note of!

1. Basic University Mambo Jumbo

Academic Units (AUs):

Academic Units (or Modular Credits in NUS/credits in SMU) is the measurement of the amount of workload required for that module. Normally a 3AU module usually means that the module has three hours worth of lessons/tutorials in total though there are definitely many exceptions to the rule like lab(3 hours a week but 1AU).